Gealan S9000 windows are energy-efficient windows produced by a German manufacturer, characterized by high quality workmanship and resistance to weather conditions. They are made of PVC, which provides them with resistance to damage and eliminates the need for painting.

Gealan S9000 windows have a three-level seal and thermal insulation, which translates into high thermal and acoustic insulation. Thanks to this, these windows reduce energy and noise losses, which allows for minimizing heating costs and improving the comfort of use.

Gealan S9000 windows are available in various shapes and colors, which makes it possible to adapt them to individual aesthetic needs and preferences. Moreover, these windows are equipped with special anti-burglary fittings, which ensure user safety and protection against break-ins.

In summary, Gealan S9000 windows are high-quality energy-efficient windows, with a solid construction, high thermal and acoustic insulation, the possibility of adapting the shape and color to the customer’s needs, and equipped with special anti-burglary fittings.

Gealan s9000